Welcome to the ATVP's website for investor education!

One of the main tasks of the Securities Market Agency (ATVP) is the protection of investors and ensuring the smooth functioning of the capital market in the Republic of Slovenia. To provide best conditions for investors and their assets, it is necessary to pay special attention to education of investors (in addition of protecting their rights) in order to inform them on financial instruments and markets, so they can decide for appropriate investment decisions and avoid the pitfalls.

The purpose of educating and informing investors is:

  • to provide simple and understandable information about financial instruments, financial markets and participants in an objective and user-friendly way, and

  • to provide information and explanation about the risks, investing pitfalls, and potential abuses.


This website aims to raise the level of knowledge of the functioning of capital markets and their participants and to further protect investors or potential investors against unscrupulous, dishonest or even fraudulent conduct of legal or natural persons, and to promote integrity, fair and efficient functioning of the capital market and to provide confidence in it.

Well educated and informed investor is the one who takes appropriate and responsible decisions and the one to whom entities, operating on capital market can offer the most appropriate services and financial products.

Information on this website is divided by content and include both, some basic information about the financial markets, instruments, regulators and other participants in financial markets, as well as some advanced interactive tools, answers to the most frequently asked questions and other information that is required before an individual decides to invest its assets in diversified financial products.

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